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Blogging on the…

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Blogging on the MRes

On this course we encourage and expect that you will use a reflective research blog to aid your learning: What you might call an online research journal or diary.

The blog will provide a space for you to reflect on your research journey: the reading you’re undertaking; new ideas and theoretical concepts you’re encountering; your responses to other researchers’ stories ‘from the field’; the relationships you’re building with fellow students or the broader research community; and the seminars and reading groups you attend outside the sessions and course. You can be creative in how you use the blog. There is no prescription, but we will provide tasks each week where will ask you to write on your blog, and read and comment on eachothers.

In Thursday’s induction we will talk to you about blogging in more detail and help you set up your own blog (if you don’t have one already that you’d like to use).

In advance of the Thursday’s induction session we’d like you to read one of the following blog posts about how and why people use blogs as a researcher or research student:

*You might also find this post of collected ‘reasons’ why researchers blog, useful

 Please come prepared to discuss these on Thursday. You might like to think about the following:

  • What do you understand blogging is? What are your previous experiences of blogging (writing or reading others’)?
  • What do you think the benefits are to blogging?  How do you think blogging might help you on this course? What challenges might you encounter?
  • What are your concerns, fears and hopes about blogging?

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