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A short post on referencing

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In your assignments you will be expected to cite and reference literature correctly. Correctly acknowledging someone else’s work – and words – is part of academic protocol. It helps to locate your work within a field and show your awareness of a research topic. It is also essential in avoiding being accused of plagiarism.

Students are expected to use this both within their formal assignments and the weekly writing activities, including online reflective blogs, discussion posts and so on. The sooner you start using this, the easier it will be when it comes to your assignments.

In this course, as with other courses across the university, you should use MMU Harvard referencing style. Guidance on this can be found here: mmuharvardref guide . We encourage students to read this carefully as soon as possible.

Throughout the course there will be a number of opportunities for students to familiarise themselves with referencing protocol.  This includes:

  • After the  ‘Core Design’ session in week 2 (Tuesday 1th October),  there will be an additional training session with Nicola Whitton and Cheryl Dunleavy at 1.30-2.30 pm in Birley 2.3 (ICT room 3) which will introduce students to assessment technology  (‘Turn It In’)
  • In week three of ‘Core Design’ (Tuesday 8th October), we will discuss the role of the literature review in research design and your research proposal. This will include a discussion of correctly citing and referencing work.
  • After the  ‘Core Design’ session in week 3 (Tuesday 8th October),  there will be an additional training session  at 1.30-3pm in in Birley 2.3 (ICT room 3) with Emily Shields of the Library on Endnote – a software package which can assist you will keeping an annotated bibliography and citing and referencing literature correctly.

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