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Stuart Hall quote on meaning

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Here is the Stuart Hall quote I mentioned today in Rachel’s sessions when we discussed the political and socio-cultural implications of our research, and the limitations to how much we can control what people take from, and ‘do’ with, our research:

Language is part of an infinite semiosis of meaning. To say anything, I have got to shut up. I have to construct a single sentence. I know that the next sentence will open the infinite semiosis of meaning again, so I will take it back. So each stop is not a natural break. It does not say, ‘I’m about to end a sentence and that will be the truth.’ It understands that it is contingency. It is a positioning. It is the cut of ideology which, across the semiosis of language constitutes meaning. But you have to get into that game or you will never say anything at all. (Hall, 1991, p.51)


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