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Turnitin: A tool for e-submission and for checking citation/referencing


Thanks to those who came to the session earlier today where we introduced Turnitin as a tool for e-submission AND for checking citation/referencing.  As a refresher, and for those of you that missed the session, I’ve provided the main resources below.

In addition, Turnitin provides online marking, therefore you’ll receive all of your feedback online through the GradeMark feature.

Useful links:

Apologies again for the slight technical difficulties with the Turnitin Originality Reports. Once the server is up and running again, you should be able to return to the ‘Test submission area‘ to view your reports.  If you weren’t at the session today why not have a go at the activity of uploading an assignment to receive an Originality Report yourself.

Please remember, Turnitin is a TEXT-MATCHING tool to facilitate your learning and aid you in checking referencing/citations, it isn’t a plagiarism detection tool.

So, have a look at your reports and if you have any questions post them here as comments and we’ll help each other to provide answers.

Cheryl 🙂


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Hello fellow bloggers

Hi everyone,

As the resources from today’s induction session ‘Introducing online learning on the MRes: Moodle and Blogging‘ are useful for everyone across the programme, I thought it useful to post them here.

Thanks everyone for participating in the discussions today around online learning and blogging – it was great to share our varied experiences and perceptions, and I’m sure as you progress through the programme you’ll help each other in becoming active and reflective learners facilitated by the Moodle and blogging environments.  Using the ‘technology in my pocket’ (camera phone!) I captured our thoughts and thought it useful to share.

Hmmmm, note to self “write more neatly/clearly on the whiteboard in future” – perhaps while the discussions are fresh in your mind you could reflect on the discussions in your own blogs, or comment here!

Remember, this is a blog ‘post‘, therefore as more pre/post-session thoughts and reflections are posted by the programme team it will disappear out of sight (posts appear in date order, newest at the top).  By categorising this post (with ‘induction’) and tagging it with various keywords, you’ll be able to find this post more easily in the future using the MRes categories and MRes tags displayed to the right.

Well done on creating your blogs, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Cheryl 🙂


Get ready to blog


Cheryl here, supporting the MRes programme team to consider how blogging can facilitate your research practice, and to get you all up and running with your own reflective blogs.

Have you any blogging experience?  Please comment below.

(We’ll be referring back to this post and the web form below once you’ve all created your own blogs.)

See you all soon.