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Using images in your blogs

Images are a great way to liven up your blog posts, but can be a bit of a minefield in terms of knowing what is okay to post.

Here are a couple of blog posts that take you through issues of legal use, attribution, and fair use:

The complete guide to using images in your blog posts

The Principles of Fair Use and Image Usage for Bloggers

A great place for images that you can use in your blogs:

Creative commons search

If you have any other questions on image use, please ask them in a comment below, and I will do my best to find answers as soon as possible.



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Your blogs…

Hello everyone.

Well done for getting started on your blogs.  We’re really looking forward to seeing how these develop and hope you find them a useful resource and space to reflect on your learning and research journey.

As we discussed last week, a good first step would be if you could create a ‘page’ and perhaps a ‘post’ to go on your blog.

Most blogs have an ‘about me’ page which allows those who visit your site to get an idea about who is writing the blog, and provides a context for what you’re writing about.  It would be helpful if you could create an ‘about me’ blog before tomorrow’s ‘blogging clinic’ tomorrow afternoon (1.30-3pm – in the IT room in Birley that we were in last Thursday).  There’s no right or wrong way to write this but you might want to think about including some or all of the following information:

  • Your education and professional background
  • Your research interests
  • How you came to be on the MRes – Why this course? What are you hoping to get from it? etc.
  • Personal interests (if you wish!)
  • Maybe a photo?

Have a go if you can, and we can discuss this and other blog-related issues tomorrow afternoon.

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Hello fellow bloggers

Hi everyone,

As the resources from today’s induction session ‘Introducing online learning on the MRes: Moodle and Blogging‘ are useful for everyone across the programme, I thought it useful to post them here.

Thanks everyone for participating in the discussions today around online learning and blogging – it was great to share our varied experiences and perceptions, and I’m sure as you progress through the programme you’ll help each other in becoming active and reflective learners facilitated by the Moodle and blogging environments.  Using the ‘technology in my pocket’ (camera phone!) I captured our thoughts and thought it useful to share.

Hmmmm, note to self “write more neatly/clearly on the whiteboard in future” – perhaps while the discussions are fresh in your mind you could reflect on the discussions in your own blogs, or comment here!

Remember, this is a blog ‘post‘, therefore as more pre/post-session thoughts and reflections are posted by the programme team it will disappear out of sight (posts appear in date order, newest at the top).  By categorising this post (with ‘induction’) and tagging it with various keywords, you’ll be able to find this post more easily in the future using the MRes categories and MRes tags displayed to the right.

Well done on creating your blogs, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Cheryl 🙂


Get ready to blog


Cheryl here, supporting the MRes programme team to consider how blogging can facilitate your research practice, and to get you all up and running with your own reflective blogs.

Have you any blogging experience?  Please comment below.

(We’ll be referring back to this post and the web form below once you’ve all created your own blogs.)

See you all soon.

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Blogging on the MRes

On this course we encourage and expect that you will use a reflective research blog to aid your learning: What you might call an online research journal or diary.

The blog will provide a space for you to reflect on your research journey: the reading you’re undertaking; new ideas and theoretical concepts you’re encountering; your responses to other researchers’ stories ‘from the field’; the relationships you’re building with fellow students or the broader research community; and the seminars and reading groups you attend outside the sessions and course. You can be creative in how you use the blog. There is no prescription, but we will provide tasks each week where will ask you to write on your blog, and read and comment on eachothers.

In Thursday’s induction we will talk to you about blogging in more detail and help you set up your own blog (if you don’t have one already that you’d like to use).

In advance of the Thursday’s induction session we’d like you to read one of the following blog posts about how and why people use blogs as a researcher or research student:

*You might also find this post of collected ‘reasons’ why researchers blog, useful

 Please come prepared to discuss these on Thursday. You might like to think about the following:

  • What do you understand blogging is? What are your previous experiences of blogging (writing or reading others’)?
  • What do you think the benefits are to blogging?  How do you think blogging might help you on this course? What challenges might you encounter?
  • What are your concerns, fears and hopes about blogging?