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Ground rules (draft 1)

Here’s our summary of the discussion on ground rules and expectations from last Tuesday’s session. Please feel free to add your comments.

Expectations of students

  • Collaborative working (e.g. group projects, online discussions, blogging).
  • Reflection and criticality.
  • Active participation – contributing, asking questions, reading and responding to blog posts, showing initiative, doing your share, preparation, self-directed reading .
  • Independent learning – taking responsibility for your own study, and raising issues if they occur.
  • Time management – attendance, punctuality and meeting deadlines (e.g. assignments).
  • Professional conduct (e.g. adherence to university rules and regulations, adhering to ethical standards).
  • Supporting others, having respect for others, and listening to others.
  • Appropriate online conduct (netiquette).

Expectations of staff

  • Communicating our availability (office hours).
  • Prompt reply to emails (within three working days maximum, but sooner if possible).
  • Provision of feedback (e.g. blog comments, reviewing assignment plans)
  • Openness to feedback.
  • Professional conduct (e.g. punctuality, appropriate preparation).
  • Support for group learning (e.g. fair facilitation of discussion and awareness of group dynamics).
  • Opportunities for interaction, including social events.