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And the answers are…

I had some feedback yesterday that I’d forgotten to give you the answers to the induction treasure hunt quiz.

Sorry. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Since all groups got all the answers correct to the first ten questions, I’ll only post the answers to the round 3 puzzles here.

1. Which two letters come next?

O T T F F S S E ? ?

Answer: (O)ne (T)wo (T)hree (F)our (F)ive (S)ix (S)even (E)ight N(ine) T(en)

2.  Where in the world is this?

Answer: BRAZIL. These are the flags for Bolivia, Romania, Austria, Zambia, Iceland, and Lebanon.

3.  (commandments × steps × bears) – (baker’s dozen × bits in a byte) = ?

Answer: (10 × 39 × 3) – (13 × 8) = 1066 = Battle of Hastings (You got half a mark for 1066)

4.     Analog, Chain, Serial, Estimator, Plane.

Which word is like those above?

Leaf, Throne, Emitter, Pure, Paws.

Answer: Pure. They are all anagrams of countries: Angola, China, Israel, East Timor, Nepal and Peru.

5.   D B O Z P V D S B D L U I J T D P E F?

Answer: Yes (although you would also have got a point for no). It’s a one letter shift cipher (i.e. replace each letter with the one before it in the alphabet) and you get C A N Y O U C R A C K T H E C O D E?

No one got them all, and they were meant to be hard (particularly the last two), so well done if you got any of them!

Bonus question: Prize to the first MRes student to correctly answer the following question in a comment to this post.

In the possible answers to question 4 above, only Pure is an anagram of a country. What are the other options anagrams of?